military boots open and shut zipper

지퍼 밀폐식 군화

  • Inventors: MOON, YOUNG HO
  • Assignees: 문영호
  • Publication Date: December 30, 2014
  • Publication Number: KR-20140147433-A


본 발명은 군화에 관한 것으로서, 군대에서 훈련을 받고 발에 땀이 차면 군화를 쉽게 벗을 수 없는 점을 고려한 것으로서, 본 발명에 따른 지퍼 밀폐식 군화는 군화의 옆면에 지퍼 본체를 열 수 있는 지퍼 손잡이를 달고, 상기 지퍼 손잡이가 열 수 있는 지퍼 본체를 군화의 전면부에 걸쳐 두르고, 발등부위를 합성피혁을 사용하여 접힐 수 있도록 만든 부분을 포함한다.
The present invention relates to military boots. The military boots opened and closed by a zipper according to the present invention is to solve the problem that a military person cannot easily take off military shoes when the feet sweats after training. The military boots of the present invention comprises a zipper handle which can open a zipper body on the side of the military boots; a zipper body which can be opened by the zipper surrounding the front part of the military boot; and a part having the top part made of synthesized leather to be folded.




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